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Aqua Lung’s innovative i3™ inflation system found exclusively in Aqua Lung BCs.

Its greatest asset is its simplicity and how intuitive it is to use. The i3 is simple and intuitive. Move the lever up to inflate; down to deflate your jacket. What could be easier? What's more, when dumping air from the BC, the i3 (patented) opens all of the new Flat E-Valves at once. Gone are the days of deciding which valve to reach for based upon your orientation in the water.


i3 Controller

Features of i3:

  • Intuitive design makes buoyancy control safer and easier
  • Opens upper and lower dump valves simultaneously. No more thinking about which dump valve to reach for
  • Over-molded lever prevents gloves from slipping off while using
  • Increased flow rate over traditional inflators. Allows you to fill your BC faster
  • Attached dust cap prevents contaminants from entering mechanism when not in use
  • The i3 uses fewer parts and is easier to service compared to standard inflators
  • Using the new LP hose grip, the LP hose can be attached or removed while wearing the BC. This will satisfy instructional agency requirements to disconnect and reattach LP hose while training

Flat E-Valves

Features of Flat E-Valves:

  • Extremely low profile reduces drag in the water
  • Utilize a one-way valve to prevent water from back flushing in when all of the valves open
  • Very easy to service
  • Activated with push-rod technology making them very responsive