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Airsource 3
Airsource 3 pneumatically Blanced cut_off_valve Trim grip
Detachable Trim-Grip™

Complete US$235.00, Installed US$160.00Buy Now

The Airsource 3 combines a high-performance second stage with a power inflator. By eliminating the need for a traditional octopus, the diver can streamline his entire system. In addition, unlike a traditional octopus that can drag in the sand or damage coral, you'll take comfort knowing that the Airsource 3 is right in front of you ready to deliver life saving air in a moment's notice.

Several new features have been added to this latest version of Airsource to make it the most desirable of all breathable inflators.

The second stage valve is pneumatically balanced resulting in unparalleled performance and consistent breathing from start of dive to end. Ideal for use with over-balanced first stages

Redesigned "Trim Grip" in the middle of the corrugated hose allows diver to dump air from BC during ascent without removing the Airsource from the mouth

Using a clever bayonet mount, the Airsource quickly and easily separates from the BC at the "Trim Grip". This allows the Airsource to remain with the diver's complete regulator for packing and traveling

Rather than use a traditional quick disconnect fitting, the Airsource is connected via a hose like your primary second stage. This allows better flow and better performance. It also prevents particulate matter and moisture from entering the second stage

A specialized cut-off valve allows the diver to quickly and easily shut off air to the unit should there ever be a malfunction

Ergonomic design optimizes button placement for ease of use

Soft-touch purge cover is located on the bottom so it won't be inadvertently activated in strong currents

Low-profile rapid-exhaust valve is activated by pulling on the "Trim Grip" or the lower unit

Corrugated hose has clips and recessed areas to accommodate the lp hose

Easier to service than it's predecessor


How to detach Airsource 3:




Airsource Adapter Ring


Adapter Rings
US$5.00 buy now


Airsource Adapter Rings allow you to mount the innovative Aqua Lung Airsource breathable inflator to BCs built by Mares, Scubapro and Zeagle.

Just because someone has chosen not to dive with the world's best selling brand of buoyancy compensator does not mean that they should be deprived of the best performing breathable inflator. Ditch that standard inflator and octopus and add an Aqua Lung Airsource to your rig. Reduce the number of hoses while you reduce the drag.