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Kronos LogoAqua Lung's King of Titans: Kronos is First Regulator with Lateral Deflector and Combined AdjusterRegulator deflects bubbles to the side; improves visibility and versatility

The Kronos is a new regulator that offers innovative solutions to common frustrations found on traditional regulators. At first glance, you'll notice the asymmetric Side-X exhaust system that gets the bubbles out of your field of view. In addition, fine-tuning is simplified by combining the venturi control with the breathing resistance knob into one Dual Cam controller.

Kronos Reference
Kronos - The asymmetric Side-X exhaust system that gets the bubbles out of your field of view.
Traditional regulators reference
Traditional regulators allow bubbles to interfere with your field of view.

* Compatible with EAN 40 right out of the box

Features of Kronos:
  • New asymmetrical Side-X exhaust system (pat. pend.) routes bubbles out of your viewing area
  • Even though the exhaust bubbles are routed out the side, the exhaust valve remains in the traditional location providing consistent, dry exhalation
  • Exhaled breath passes over the second stage valve effectively warming it, thereby making it resistant to freezing
  • The venturi control and breathing resistance knob have been integrated into one Dual Cam controller (pat. pend.). Divers can now achieve ideal settings with less to think about
  • Aqua Lung's Auto-Closure Device ACD (pat. pend.) seals water out of the first stage when the regulator is removed from the cylinder
  • The first stage is a balanced diaphragm design coupled with a pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Two HP ports and four MP ports provide the diver with many options
  • Comes with a Comfo-bite mouthpiece, a standard spare mouthpiece and a removable mouthpiece clamp
  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box
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