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An i3 Testimonial

A good product that's both innovative and very efficient in the water

i3 "Yesterday I got invited to go boat diving and I thought it was a good time to try out that new BC. Since our weather has been very mild none of our lakes are frozen so we can enjoy diving a little longer.

At first none of the divers noticed the new vest until me and my buddy started doing the buddy check. Everyone was fascinated by the inflator.  I was surprised since most of them were techies. It's minutes later when I got in the water that I really noticed the difference between the regular power inflator and the i3. It dumps air so fast with very little movement so in cold water if you are diving in a wetsuit you don't have cold water rushing in your suit!   The best is when you are dumping air in a horizontal position. Wow, I could feel the two valves exhausting at the same time at the exact second I pushed this lever downward. Upon surfacing I tried the oral inflator on the shoulder and performed really well. It's just long enough that your buddy can access it and inflate your BC while towing a tired diver.

I think we got a hell of a good product that's both innovative and very efficient in the water. Hope you'll like it as much as I did.



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