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New Reveal Scuba Diving Mask
RRP AU$135, NZ$169
Premium dive mask with a super soft, top quality crystal-clear silicone skirt
RRP AU$135, NZ$169
Delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package
RRP AU$125, NZ$159
Offers features to women unsurpassed in a dive mask
RRP AU$135, NZ$169
Low Profile makes it effortless to clear. Ideal for scuba or freedivers
RRP AU$125, NZ$157
Evolution of the best-selling Look mask with new innovative features
RRP AU$110, NZ$139
A user-friendly solution for those who need corrective lenses
RRP AU$110, NZ$139
Slimmer fit than the larger Look 2 but still fits our corrective lenses
RRP AU$100, NZ$125
Large lenses give this low-volume mask the feel of a more open single lens mask
RRP AU$110, NZ$139
Built to withstand the rigors of technical diving
RRP AU$90, NZ$115
Popular among freedivers for its ultra-low profile
From RRP AU$70, NZ$87.50
Corrective lenses for the Look 2 ranging from +3.0 to -10.0

Diving Mask

A diving mask lets you view all the beauty the ocean has to offer. Aqua Lung has innovated a number of diving mask designs for recreational and professional diving as well as military use.

Aqua Lung’s “Advanced Fit Technology”

Aqua Lung’s innovations in technology and design have advanced the seemingly simple dive mask to the leading edge of performance and comfort.

Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) is Aqua Lung’s answer to the demands of a more discerning type of diver. Bands of textured silicone are molded into the edge of the mask skirt, forming a superior seal against the skin that keeps water out yet remains comfortable for extended periods of time. Any water that might enter the mask may be cleared with minimal effort.

Aqua Lung is committed to comfort. Each dive mask has a flexible, natural shape that creates a comfortable fit to the diver’s face. Our silicone straps, together with our ratcheting buckles, make adjusting a snap. In addition, some masks offer cardanic swivel buckles which allows for your perfect strap position and for easy packing.

The mission and mission midi buckles attached directly to the silicone skirt, allowing them to be easily stored in a pocket as a back-up mask without compromising their fit.

Diving Mask Styles

Aqua Lung provides divers of all ages and experience levels with a wide range of dive mask styles.

  • Low volume – Wide field of view, minimal effort to clear water
  • Medium volume – Comfortable fit, extended peripheral vision
  • Single lens or Twin lens – Lens option based on personal preference

Many dive masks are designed with both clear and black silicone skirt options. Black skirts generally improve vision in low light, while clear skirts can offer a more “open” feel. Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting out, you may choose either clear or black according to personal preference.

A diving mask with a wide-angle view allows you to take in the undersea sights unhindered. Divers may wish for a more focused dive, free of distractions, in which case a low volume mask will be ideal.

Enhance the Experience with Aqua Lung

Ensure every dive is more memorable than the last. Experience the leading edge with Aqua Lung dive masks.

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