D9tx Wrist Top Computer

The Suunto D9tx is the world’s first all-in-one wristop trimix dive computer. It brings together top-of-the-line features in a full titanium housing with sapphire glass, creating a design that complements a boardroom suit as well as it does a wetsuit. With gas switching between up to eight gases, the same technical RGBM as the award-winning Suunto HelO2, and an easy-to-read 3D tilt-compensated compass, it’s the perfect all-in-one companion for adventurous spirits who want to explore the depths for longer.

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  • Titanium case and sapphire crystal glass with antireflective coating
  • Full continuous decompression algorithm - Suunto Technical RGBM
  • Trimix support including helium and oxygen
  • Gas-switching between up to eight gases
  • Five modes: air, mixed gas, gauge, free and off
  • Innovative apnea timer, and a timer in air/mixed gas modes
  • Integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Optional wireless air integration – current cylinder pressure, remaining air time
  • Built-in dive planner
  • Detailed graphical logs and dive data and planning of dives and gases on your PC/Mac using Suunto DM4 software
  • Trimix compatible
    A trimix-compatible dive computer opens up the increasingly popular world of technical diving – including wreck and cave diving – by allowing you to explore the depths for longer.
  • Electronic 3D compass
    Suunto’s innovative tilt-compensated electronic 3D compass redefines underwater navigation. Regardless of the angle of your wrist, you’ll have full confidence in the accuracy of your bearings.
  • Hassle-free tank pressure monitoring
With optional wireless air integration, Suunto D9tx allows you to monitor tank pressure and air consumption from your wrist. Tank pressure is displayed both numerically and graphically, and an estimation of the remaining air time is given throughout the dive.
  • Multi-mode versatility
    Suunto D9tx has five modes. The Air mode is used for diving with standard air, the Mixed Gas mode for up to eight different gas mixes, and the Gauge mode for use as a bottom timer. D9tx supports Trimix in Mixed Gas mode, and you can accelerate decompression by switching to a gas mix with a higher oxygen percentage. You can preset eight different gas mixes (with oxygen between 8% and 99% and helium between 0% and 92%) and set PO2 values for each individual gas. It’s also quick and easy to switch between enabled gas mixes during your dive.
  • In Gauge mode, Suunto D9tx works as a bottom timer and also provides accurate profile sampling and bookmarking functions. A dive timer with a reset function displays the dive time in minutes and seconds. This is extremely useful for timing accurate bottom times and decompression stops.
  • If you’re serious about breath-hold diving, the new Freedive mode puts all the functionality you need at your fingertips. The D9tx samples depth three times a second, and gives you highly accurate data on the true depth reached. The new Apnea Timer enables you to practice interval training for static apnea.
  • You can also switch the dive mode off.
  • Flexible decompression

    Using the Suunto technical RGBM algorithm, Suunto D9tx enables continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. The Deep Stops add further protection with a series of deep stops between your maximum depth and ceiling. 

  • Plan and review

    You can plan gas mixes, test upcoming dives, and view no-decompression-time data for different depths before getting in the water with the built-in dive planner. After your dive, you can easily transfer your dive data to your computer for further analysis using the optional Suunto DM4 software, which includes a detailed logbook featuring a graphical representation of all your dives.
  • Designed to impress
    The Suunto D9tx brings together top-of-the-line features in a full titanium housing with sapphire glass, creating a design that complements a boardroom suit as well as it does a wetsuit. It’s available with either a luxury titanium bracelet or a black elastomer strap.
Stopwatch In time / dive mode
3D digital compass
Bearing tracking
Cardinal directions
Declination setting
Guided calibration
Heading in degrees
Tilt compensated compass
Altitude adjustment
Ascent rate monitor/alarm
Ascent time display Up to 999 min
Audible alarm
Deep Stops
Dive planner
Dive time in seconds and minutes In gauge mode
Full decompression data
Lifetime history Scuba
Log book memory
Maximum depth alarm
Maximum depth display 300 m / 984 ft
Operation mode Air
Operation mode CCR
Operation mode Gauge
Operation mode Mixed Gas
Operation mode OFF
Operation mode Watch
Personal adjustment
Profile sampling rates in seconds 10, 20, 30, 60 s
Safety stop
Suunto Fused™ RGBM algorithm
Temperature display
Wireless air integration Optional
CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF)
Gas switching during dive
Max PO2 adjustment 0.5-1.6
O2 % setting Up to 8 gases, oxygen 5-99%, helium 0-95%
Adjustable backlight duration
Backlight type Electro-luminescent display
Matrix display
Menu-based user interface
Operating temperature 0°C - +40°C/+32°F - +104°F
Sapphire crystal glass
Selectable metric/imperial units
Storage temperature -20°C - +50°C/-4°F - +122°F
Water resistance 200 m / 660 ft
Weight 107 g with elastomer strap / 182 g with titanium strap
Battery power indicator
Low battery warning
Software name Suunto DM4
USB interface cable Included
8 gas mixes
Helium Up to 95%
Oxygen 5-99%
Calendar clock
Daily alarms 1
Dual time