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Replacement Polytex Seals

Replacement Wrist Seals w/ Adhesive (Pair) US$69.99

Replacement Neck Seal w/ Adhesive US$79.99

Replacement Wrist Seals No Adhesive (Pair) US$49.99

Replacement Neck Seal No Adhesive US$49.99

Dry Adhesive Tape US$19.99

The replacement Polytex Seals are made of a blend of materials that provide superior durability to standard latex seals.

  • Tough polytex material resists tearing like traditional latex seals.
  • Bell seals (size specific) & Cone seals (one size fits all).
  • For use with the SLT system.
Sizing: Replacement Wrist Seals & Replacement Neck Seal: One size, S - 2XL