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Aqua Lung Ambassadors

Martin Aigner

Martin Aigner  was born in upper Austria in 1971. His interest for photography and the underwater world developed at a very early age. His first diving equipment, which he built himself at the age of 6 years old, consisted of a water balloon and a plastic bottle! This enabled him to take two breaths underwater.

Today, he has 25 years of diving experience and is a CMAS certified instructor. He has acquired over 2,500 dives in almost all waters of the world. Martin is also a professional photographer and has over 20 years of experience working above and under water.

How does one capture something that has neither color nor form?
This remains Martin's endeavor.Countless projects demonstrate the success of his work. 

With a loving approach he works through the most challenging projects i.e. " Augarten Porcelaine " . 

He also achieved excellence in many Austrian competition (i.e. Austrian champion, Trierenberg Super Circuit , Memorial Maria Luisa ..... ) and internationally renowned photo contests. Numerous publications, as well as local and international exhibitions, attest to the quality of his work .

Martin also offers numerous workshops on underwater photography and is said to be a coveted FotoPro companion travel around the globe .

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Aqua Lung Women - Manuela Kirschner

Photographer and journalist

Manuela Kirschner is Germany's most famous underwaterphotographer and diving journalist. Manuela has been diving since 1986, is 3star CMAS diving instructor, rebreather nitrox and Photo-Instructor (NRC, RAB and VDST). She had more than 3000 dives in all oceans and  she photographed for over 20 years, the world below and above water. Her images and articles are published in numerous magazines, newspapers, books and calendars. She is co-author of numerous dive tripleaders and their images have won national and international photo contests count less awards.

In cooperation with tour operators Manuela Kirschner likes to share her knowledge of underwater photographySince 2010, Manuela Kirschner is part of the editorial team of the diving and lifestyle magazine SILENTWORLD.

On her journeys she prefers to go diving with her pack´n dive gear. "I can use my own gear without taking to many kilos in my luggage."


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Aqua Lung Women - Doris Vierkötter

Entrepreneurand photographer

Doris Vierkötter is successful entrepreneur, active diver and talented photographer. When she dives at the dive sites close to her Alam Batu Resort in Bali, her focus changes from the big to the little. With her eye for the beauty and details,  she photographes the bizarre macroworld and strange creatures under water and makes them visible to others. She has the ability to focus on little things, to find the right angle, to use the light correctly, to perfectly balance keeping the camera and - to pull the trigger at the right moment.

2005 Doris Vierkötter created her speciall dive resort - the Alam Batuin the north of Bali. The organization at the dive center where  each diver has in his own place, with the photo room and the uncomplicated way of the staff, shows that she is scuba diver and photographer herself and that she knows what divers want.

My favorite piece of Aqua Lung Women's Line: the mask Linea.





Aqua Lung Women - Angela Ziltener und Sina Kreicker

MSC Biology/Anthropology UZH

The biologist Angela Ziltener (left in the picture) has been working since 2009 with the "Dolphin Watch Alliance"  in discovery and protection of dolphins in the tourist center Hurghada. Since then Angela Ziltener is regularly in Egypt, to do underwaterresearch for a better understanding about the behavior of the dolphins. She also conducts various seminars to train about the correct behavior with dolphins, whether for local residents in schools, with employees of the companies who thrive on "dolphin tourism" or for tourists at the resorts. Sina Kreicker (right in picture), who is also active in  "Dolphin WatchAlliance" supports Angela in several projects. They both know each other from their university time in Zurich.

The Club Dolphin Watch Alliance was founded on 25.09.2011 in Gossau SG. The main motivation is to support projectsof research and protection of dolphins.


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