Whites on Tour


Aqua Lung invites you to test the new Whites dive suit.

Now starting in March we will travel with the DIVE Mobile truck to different lakes and cost areas in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. For you, that you can test the new Whites fusion Dry suit.

You will be able to test the different versions as the FUSIOn Sport, the FUSION Tech and the FUSION Bulle.

How does the FUSION work?
First Layer (DryCore) is a loose fit shell dry suit incorporating latex seals, dry zipper, air intake and exhaust valves to create the waterproof barrier. Second layer “over suit” made with a durable stretch fabrics is attached to the DryCore at the wrists, ankles and dry zipper to form the streamline form fit of the inner dry suit.

In addition you will also be able to test more new Aqua Lung dive gear.

IMPORTANT: In order to have a well organised event we need to know who will join us for diving. Plaese register for your dive site. Register here

The agenda:

March 26nd/27th, 2011: Indoor Dive Center monte mare;  D-53359 Rheinbach

April 2nd/3rd, 2011: Schwarzl See; A-8141 Unterpremstätten/Graz

April 8th/9th, 2011 Lake of Constance (BodenSee); D- 88709 Meersburg

April 16th/17th, 2011 Zürichsee; CH-8810 Horgen

April 30th/May 1st, 2011:Baltic Sea Denmark, DK-4873 Væggerløse

May 7th/8th, 2011 Kreidesee; D- 21745 Hemmor

May 14th/15th, 2011 Fühlingersee; D- 50769 Köln

May 27th to 29th, 2011  Neufeldersee, A-0664 Neufeld/L.

June 4th/5th, 2011 Silbersee, 63843 Niedernberg am Main

Jund 18th/19th, 2011 Kulkwitzsee; 04420 Göhrenz

More information

We will only lebd geat to certified divers . In order to test the FUSION you must have at least five dives in a dry suit, please bring your certification and logbock.

We wil dive at any weather condipns except they don´t allow us to enter any water. In case of bad weather forecast, plaese contact the partner dive base or dealer for more information.

Dive gear:
Bring you own dive gear. The Aqua Lung gear will be lend withou any fee. But if you need to rent material at the dive base, you will need to pay by yourself. same for filling the tanks, weight or any other cost by the dealer.