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Service Centers

Service pays off in any case.

Diving equipment is not a toy! Underwater every diver has to rely on the correct function of his equipment, like a skydiver on a working parachute. Aqua Lung PRO shops are trained in the maintenance and handling of Aqua Lung equipment, they are familiar with the correct settings.

After a maintenance they check detailed every piece of equipment to its correct functioning.

Safety for more fun.

Do you know the feeling, to be unsure if everything works exactly?

You don’t have beautiful dives, if you are not sure under water! Do not maintenance essential equipment such as regulators or buoyancy compensators by anyone - take care of your own safety and bring it regularly to maintenance to your Aqua Lung PRO shop. You will not regret it!

For product service from Aqua Lung and Apeks contact your nearest Aqua Lung/Apeks PRO Shop dealer.


Aqua Lung Service Center:

Germany Austria Swiss Denmark


Aqua Lung Service Center Drysuits

Workstation Berlin, Gottschedestr.4; 13357 Berlin; 
Tel.: +49-(0)30 - 4613415

Cornelia Reiter, An der Alsterquelle 39a, 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg; 
Tel.:+49-(0)4193 - 819174

DSE GmbH, Frank Pelizaeus, Schneidtbergstr.2, 66133 Saarbrücken; 
Tel.: +49-(0)681 - 817907

Tauchsportservice Bernhard Probst, Hofwies 5, 79780 Stühlingen-Schwaningen; 
Tel.: +49-(0)7744 - 728

Tauchanzüge, Beat Burkhard, Bahnhofstrasse 2, 8165 Schöfflisdorf; 
Tel.: +41-(0)18 -750017