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Pearl i3

Pearl i3

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  i3 Controller Flat E-valve
  i3 Controller
Flat E-Valves
  Pearl i3 Pocket Octo pocket
  Pull-down utility pocket
Both right and left side Octo-pocket™

OPTIONS: SOS Surface Observation Signal
COLORS: Aqua Pearl

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The Pearl i3 is best ladies BC ever built by Aqua Lung.  It features an all-new air cell powered by Aqua Lung’s revolutionary i3 technology.  The hybrid air cell combines a jacket style with a back inflation unit that completely surrounds the backpack. The front lobes are sleeker and low profile. The Pearl i3 retains Aqua Lung’s most notable BC features such as the integrated sports bra and SureLock™ weight system.

Integrated i3 controller for easier, single touch control for both inflation and deflation

Multiple dump features allows upper and lower dumps to activate simultaneously when depressing the i3 lever

Flat e-valves reduce drag and keep the BC streamlined

The one-way valves incorporated into the flat e-valves prevent water from back flushing into the BC

The pull down oral inflator is easy to deploy and use. It can easily be removed should you need an access port for rinsing the inside of the air cell or should you want to attach an Airsource

The patented integrated sports bra provides added comfort, security and stability

The patented SureLock™ weight system offers unsurpassed ease of loading, security and ditching of the weight pouches

The large pull-down left pocket is just one of three zippered utility pockets that allow you to stow your accessories.

A clever “Octo-pocket” (patent pending) can be found on either side of the jacket.

Four stainless steel D-rings provide attachment options

A small pocket on the lower left lobe allows the installation of a retractor (sold separately)

Knife mounting grommets allow you to attach any one of the fine Deep See knives

A padded, rolled collar provides comfort around the neck

A unique Multiset™ adjustable waistband allows up to 6” of adjustment

An over-molded carrying handle allows for convenient transporting

Features two lobe-retaining D-rings that can be used to hold the lobes stationary during weight pouch insertion

A traction pad (patented) built into a proprietary contour backpack prevents cylinder slippage

Outer air cell constructed of Armorshield™ Cordura® for increased wear and fade resistance