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Wind Fins White Arctic Wind Fins Yellow Wind Fins Blue Structured side ribs Foot Pocket Rigid sole
Wind Fins White Arctic
Wind Fins White Arctic
Wind Fins Yellow
Wind Fins Yellow
Wind Fins Blue
Wind Fins Blue
Structured side ribs
Structured side ribs
Foot Pocket
Foot Pocket
Rigid sole
Rigid sole

The Wind is a new entry-level full pocket fin, ideal for light scuba and snorkeling. Even though it is compact and lightweight, the Wind is still robust and comfortable.

  • Travel-size blade and light weight make the fin ideal for any adventure
  • Blade made of two materials of light polypropylene with rubber inserts, offering comfort and durability
  • Comfortable and ergonomic foot pocket designed to accommodate the anatomy of the foot
  • Grip Effect inside the foot pocket to ensure foot stability
  • Tab on the heel for easy don & doff
  • Rigid sole guarantees an optimal protection of the foot and a good power transmission to the blade
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Structured side ribs ensure progressive and controlled bending
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow & Arctic White
  • Yellow color option made with Hi-Vis Technology for great underwater sighting


Adjustable fin -
Full pocket fin
Mid Foot Pivot Point (patented) -
Power Bands -
Gear Shift -
Power Zone -
V Boosters -
Power Transmission Zone -
Torsion Energy Point -


Spoon Effect -
Grip Effect


Tri-material side ribs -
Tri-material fin -
Bi-material fin
Hi-vis Technology


(Ergonomic Strap & Buckle System)
Spring Strap -
Quick Release buckle -
Bungee Strap -
Sizes from 27/30 to 46/47
Blade length in cm (Regular size) 33
Weight in kg (Regular size) 1,08
Sizing: XS / 4-5
S / 5-6
M / 6-7
ML / 8-9
L / 9.5-10.5
XL / 11-12

Scuba Fins

Aqua Lung scuba fins provide thrust and power to each kick with designs that reduce fatigue and improve performance. Aqua Lung's innovations in design and materials have allowed divers of all skill levels to see more of the undersea world.

Aqua Lung Diving Fins

Aqua Lung scuba fins offer the ultimate in comfort and performance. Aqua Lung designs fins for performance-minded divers who are looking to optimize their diving experience.

In designing each pair of diving fins, a perfect balance must be achieved. The fins must be wide enough to overcome water resistance in order to propel the diver; however, they must also be the right length to allow maneuverability. Aqua Lung places a high priority on providing a variety of options for a diverse range of divers of all experience levels and this is reflected in every pair of scuba fins we create.

  • Full foot fins - Easy to don and doff; perfect for warm-water comfort
  • Open heel fins - Adjustable straps; can wear with dive boots in cooler water temperatures

Full foot fins are typically used in warm or tropical waters, while open heel diving fins are ideal for waters of any temperature. Open heel diving fins offer greater thermal protection when used with neoprene dive boots, however, several of Aqua Lung's full foot diving fins can accommodate dive socks to attain extra warmth while maintaining a small size foot pocket.

Aqua Lung Power Technology

Aqua Lung diving fins incorporate a variety of designs to help divers get more performance and enjoyment from their dives. Features for both full foot and open heel fins can include adjustable power bands to accommodate different body types or changing conditions, as well as features that are especially designed to eliminate foot and toe fatigue.

  • V Boosters - Optimal power with each kick
  • Power Transmission Zone - Maximizes efficient energy transmission

Go Anywhere

A quality pair of dive fins is invaluable for any underwater application, both recreational and professional. Dive fins powered by Aqua Lung innovation and technology can take your diving to new depths. Whether used for casual snorkeling or for extended diving, Aqua Lung dive fins comfortably get you where you need to go.