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   Integrated Mesh Carrying Bag  

OPTIONS: SOS Surface Observation Signal, Air Source Inflator with integrated backup regulator, chest strap
COLORS: Black/Silver/Blue

The Passport BC has been completely redesigned for 2007. While it still retains its travel-friendly features such as light-weight materials, packability and integrated rinse bag, it boast a fresh, new look and a new backpack.

Lightweight materials allow the Passport to fold into a compact package ideal for traveling

25% to 30% lighter than other BCs in its class

Integrated mesh carrying bag folds up behind the backpad to provide lumbar support

Patented Quickdraw™ integrated weight release system holds up to 20 lbs (9kg) which is plenty of weight capacity for the vacationing diver

NEW! New backpack with patented integrated traction pad

NEW! Right shoulder pull dump

An optional lower right side pull dump may be added

NEW! The hook and loop waistband is adjustable and removable

2 large, zippered utility pockets for storage

3 utility D-rings offer plenty of mounting options