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DryCORE Technology

The 2 layer DryCore Advantage

No other drysuit in the world can match the mobility of the Fusion. The internal loose cut DryCore is held in place by the independent outer stretch skin providing unrestricted movement in your arms, legs, and torso.


Oversized inner DryCore constructed of military grade, 210 denier bi-laminate, integrates the dry zipper and seals, fits a wide size range, and does not restrict movement.

External Skin

Durable, replaceable exterior skin protects and compresses the DryCore but does not restrict movement.

Drycore technology provides 7 unique benefits that no other drysuit can match

  1. Flexibility - OVERSIZED inner DryCore combined with the stretchy outer skin allows unrivaled mobility.
  2. Fits better than custom - Exterior skin streamlines the DryCore to the divers body providing a custom fit.
  3. Dives like a wetsuit - Exterior compression skin eliminates “bubble” transfer throughout the suit by distributing the air evenly.
  4. 5 Sizes - DryCore technology allows 5 sizes to fit virtually any diver.
  5. Modular Diving System - Exterior skin can be removed and replaced with different models and designs.
  6. One suit, any environment - Customize your undergarment to your diving environment. The Fusion will stretch or compress to accommodate.
  7. Durability - Inner DryCore manufactured with military grade bi-laminate material is protected from abrasion by the exterior skin. Replace the skin, not the suit!