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MBS – Master Breathing System

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The Legend LX, Legend LX Twilight and Legend LUX sport an exciting feature.

The MBS – The Master Breathing System!


The MBS is a new way for the diver to adjust the breathing effort of their second stage. It is easier and gives the diver less to think about. Rather than having two separate controls (venturi switch and adjustment knob) as many regulators do today, the MBS controls both functions with one knob! This patented system will provide the diver with the optimum ratio of venturi assist and opening effort. The diver will quickly master breathing comfort.

With the MBS on maximum position, the internal spring is relaxed and the opening effort is very low. The venturi assist is wide open.

With one revolution of the MBS knob, it changes to the minimum position. The spring is now compressed, increasing the opening effort and the venturi assist is minimized. The risk of a free flow situation is minimum.

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ACD Series

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The best performing regulators just got even better! The Legend series of regulators are now equipped with our unique Auto-Closure Device (ACD).


ACD Closed
The best performing regulators just got even better! The Legend series of regulators are now equipped with our unique Auto-Closure Device (ACD).


ACD Open
When the regulator is clamped onto the scuba cylinder, the inlet crown retracts thereby exposing the gas inlet in the center valve post. This provides a steady flow of breathing gas to the first stage without any restrictions.

ACD Detail Auto-Closure Device (ACD) seals the regulator’s inlet fitting, both Yoke and DIN, as soon as the regulator is removed from the cylinder valve
  • This will keep water and contaminants out of the regulator’s first stage during rinsing and storage
  • It allows the first stage to maintain peak performance over time
  • The first stage will retain its internal lubrication longer
  • Makes the first stage safer for nitrox use

The new ACD feature coupled with the environmental dry chamber, results in a first stage that is completely sealed off from the environment.

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International Distributors

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Technical Library

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The following manuals and guides are available in pdf format. You must have Adobe® Reader to view these files. Adobe® Reader is free and available for download online. Click HERE to download.

Regulators | Alternate Air Sources | Buoyancy Compensators | Dive Computers | Technical Advisories | Instruction Inserts | Drywear | Other Forms

IMPORTANT: Recall Notice of Suunto High Pressure Hoses (added 1/27/2014)
IMPORTANT: Recall Notice of the WTX Inflator (added 3/22/2010)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Apeks Freeflow Control Device (added 2/13/09)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Titan DIN Handwheel Retainers (added 6/25/08)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) (added 10/24/07)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Apeks Yoke Screw (added 05/29/07)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Suunto D6 and D9 (added 6/6/06)
IMPORTANT: Safety Bulletin on ABS Octopus (added 04/08/04)
IMPORTANT: Safety Bulletin on BC Inflators (added 03/16/04)

Aqua Lung Regulator Owner's Manual
Apeks Regulator Owner's Manual

Alternate Air Sources
Airsource 3 with Cut-off Valve Owner's Manual
Airsource Quick Disconnect Owner's Manual

Buoyancy Compensators
Axiom BC Owner's Manual
Axiom i3 BC Owner's Manual
Balance BC Owner's Manual
Black Diamond SL BC Owner's Manual
Black Ice BC Owner's Manual
Dimension i3 / Lotus i3 BC Owner's Manual
Pearl BC Owner's Manual
Pro LT BC Owner's Manual
Soul i3 BC Owner's Manual
Wave BC Owner's Manual
WTX-D Buoyancy System Owner's Manual
WTX Buoyancy System Owner's Manual
Zuma BC Owner's Manual

Dive Computers
Suunto Dive Computer Owner's Manuals

Instruction Inserts
Attachments for SureLock™ Weight System Insert
Black Ice Twin Tank Kit Insert
BC Handle Kit Insert
Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness to WTX Plate Insert
Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness to Ultralight Plate Insert
Flat Valve / Universal Pull Dump Insert
GripLock™ Tank Band Insert
Removable Chest Strap Insert
Reflector Kit Insert
SureLock™ Weight System Insert (WTX Series Harness)
SureLock™ Weight System Insert (Wave BC)
Twin Cylinder Adapter Insert
WTX Retractor Insert
WTX-D Retractor Insert

Fusion Drysuit Owner's Manual
Legacy Drysuit Owner's Manual

Other Forms
LP Hose Color Coded for Length
Annual Service & Inspection Logsheet

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Contact us

Divex Búvár Szakáruház

1077 Budapest
Rottenbiller utca 34.
Telefon: +36 1 368 0098
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Webshop: www.divex.hu


Hétfő: 10:00 - 18:00
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Go Beyond Your World

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If you made it to this page, you are most likely an active person who shares a passion for the outdoors or physical activities but you are wondering what Scuba Diving is all about. At Aqua Lung, we have been diving for the last 70 years. In fact, we created modern scuba diving when our founder, Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau, invented the first Aqua Lung. Scuba diving is a great family activity that can be relaxing, technical or adrenaline charged. One thing is for sure, it is a life changing experience, one full of discoveries, fun and that you can share with millions of people around the world. Whether you want to spice up your tropical vacation, get a rush diving with sharks, or take picture of the strange creatures that inhabit the seas and oceans... Why not try Scuba Diving? It is easy to get started. Simply visit your local Aqua Lung dive store, and a friendly and professional staff will help you discover a new world.

Try scuba diving and Go Beyond Your World.

Your next step: click find the dealer using the dealer locator on the left.

Go Beyond Your World... Around the World!

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Industry Support

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We are proud to lend our support and endorsement to these worthy groups dedicated to safety, education and the future of diving.

Diver's Alert Network

Dan logo

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers and associated with Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). DAN is supported by the largest association of recreational divers in the world.

Visit DAN's website at diversalertnetwork.com

For Diving Emergencies (Remember: Call local EMS first, then DAN!)
+1-919-684-9111 (collect calls accepted)

Non-Emergency Medical Questions & All Other Inquiries:
1-800-446-2671 or 1-919-684-2948, Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm (EST)

Travel Assistance for Non-Diving Emergencies
1-800-DAN-EVAC (1-800-326-3822)
If outside the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands or U.S. Virgin Islands, call +1-215-245-2461 (collect).

International Emergency Hotlines

Ocean Adventure logo

The Ocean Adventure

Aqua Lung is a proud sponsor of The Ocean Adventure educational program for kids, created by Karen and Wayne Brown. For the past 20 years, their nationally acclaimed interactive science/fine arts presentations have been thrilling thousands of elementary and junior high students across the country. They make learning fun with their combination of humor, audience participation, creative dramatics, storytelling techniques, unique props, specimens, and award-winning underwater photography.

For more information, visit their website at www.theoceanadventure.com

Dive Rescue

Dive Rescue International

Dive Rescue International is an organization that trains members of the public safety community on how to conduct water based rescues, including proper equipment selection for the demanding conditions that these rescue missions often involve. DRI has been serving public safety officials for over 25 years and sets the benchmark standard for all water related public safety.

Please visit the DRI website at www.diverescueintl.com for additional information.

Horizon Charters Logo

Horizon Charters

A shout-out to our favorite SoCal dive charter...
Every year Aqua Lung America treats their diving employees to a weekend away. Of course we try to call it "work" because there is some product testing involved, but let’s call it what it really is...pure diving fun. And who do we count on to make sure we have a great trip? Our local San Diego favorite, Horizon Charters Dive and Eco Adventures.

Horizon Charters specialize in dive and eco adventures that provides out of the ordinary ocean experience with a strong focus on environmental education. They cater to active nature-minded persons with a keen sense of adventure. It is their mission to "Immerse You in Nature" in the dynamic ocean environment while providing you with impeccable service in a safe, fun and relaxing atmosphere. "[It is] our hope that you will create many new friendships while onboard and take home a respect and genuine concern for the ocean and its diverse inhabitants." says owner Greg Grivetto.

Join them for a dive, natural history and surf adventure vacation to California or Baja's ocean oases. Learn more at www.horizoncharters.com

Be a diver logo

be A diver.com

Underwater - the other 2/3 of your world – whether in the ocean, lakes, rivers or quarries – is a fascinating place. As a diver you’ll explore a different part of the world we live in – a fun activity in a friendly, hospitable environment. Discover diving today - learn more here: www.beadiver.com

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Aqua Lung Partnerek

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Divex Búvár Szakáruház

Aqua Dive Kft.

Galathea Búvárközpont

Czakó Búvár Bt.

Kerasub Divers Búvárbolt

Oxygene Búvárklub

Mátrai Erőmű Búvárklub

Picco Búvárszervize és D.C.

Divetime Búvárbolt és Iskola


Titán Bt.

Underwater Holidays

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Aqua Lung Ambassadors

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John Chatterton

Professional Diver

John Chatterton

One of the world's most accomplished and well known wreck divers, John Chatterton was one of the co-hosts for the History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives. Prior to his career in television, John spent twenty years working as a commercial diver in and around New York City, and was actually working on a project in the waters underneath the World Financial Center, across the street from the Tower #1, on September 11, 2001.

Researching,locating, and diving the world's shipwrecks has been John's passion. The discovery and six year quest to identify the German submarine U-869, off the coast of New Jersey, has been the subject of several television documentaries including a two hour special for the popular NOVA series on PBS. This same story became the subject of a Random House bestseller by Rob Kurson, Shadow Divers.

In August of 2005, John and his partners put together an expedition to the most famous shipwreck in the world, Titanic. Diving to a depth of 12,500 feet in the MIR submersibles from the Russian Research Ship Keldysh, they made discoveries about the wreck that were featured in two History Channel specials and a book. Author Brad Matsen brought the story to bookshelves with his bestseller, Titanic's Last Secrets.

Currently John and his partners are working in an ongoing relationship with the government of the Dominican Republic in a multi faceted commercial project that involves locating, surveying and identifying colonial era shipwreck sites in the waters around the island of Hispañola.

Learn more about John Chatterton at www.johnchatterton.com
Like us on Facebook to follow John’s adventures.

Cody Unser

Cody's First Step Foundation

Cody Unser


Since being paralyzed in the 6th grade by a spinal cord inflammation, Transverse Myelitis (TM), Cody has raced nonstop to raise awareness and find a cure.  As the daughter of Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr., she dreams of walking on the racetrack one day.  When she was just 14, she and her mother, Shelley, formed the Cody Unser First Step Foundation, which is dedicated to providing quality–of–life programs for those suffering from paralysis.  These programs include a TM research consortium spearheaded by Johns Hopkins Hospital; Cody's Great Scuba Adventure, created to share her new found freedom for all disabilities; and "Operation Deep Down", a military diving program that introduces wounded veterans to scuba as a way to rehabilitate through recreation.  Cody is a political activist who has testified before Congress and lobbied nationwide for stem cell research, following in the foot steps of her friend, late actor Christopher Reeve. 

Learn more about Cody and her foundation by visiting www.codysfirststep.org.
Like us on Facebook to follow Cody's adventures.

Matias Ferreira

SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba)

Matias Ferreira

Wounded Warrior, SUDS Diver

Like too many other service men and women, Matias Ferreira was injured while serving his country. Instead of letting the bilateral below-the-knee amputation break his spirit, he picked up his remaining pieces and turned himself into a walking, talking, sports-playing, scuba diving inspiration...all before his 25th birthday.

Today Matias volunteers his time to help fellow wounded warriors through SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba), and inspires children facing similar problems though the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Kids Camp. He shows us all that anything is possible, and it is this, combined with his dedication to others, that makes Aqua Lung proud to have Matias Ferreira as an Ambassador.

Learn more about Matias Ferreira.
Like us on Facebook to follow Matias’ adventures.

Jeff Hester

Our World – Underwater Scholarship Society in North America

Ana Sofia Guerra

2014 North American Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society

Ana Sofia Guerra, 24, was born in Monterrey, Mexico, very far away from the ocean. Eleven years later, after a brief move to Dallas, TX, Ana was living in São Paulo, Brazil. Through a local sea turtle NGO, she discovered a passion for the marine world and got certified as a PADI Junior Open Water Diver at age 12. After completing high school in Mexico City, Ana moved to California to attend Stanford University. Ana obtained a degree in Biology through Stanford University and she actively sought out opportunities to do her work by the water. She spent the majority of her college career at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford’s marine biology station in Monterey Bay where she obtained her Rescue and AAUS Scientific Diver certification, and worked as a field assistant for multiple projects at Palmyra Atoll in the Central Pacific. She also had the opportunity to work closely with small-scale fishers in Baja California Sur, Mexico as well as teach and mentor students for the Stanford@SEA class aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans. As the 2014 North American Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society, Ana wants to find her heading in the marine world and find the way to make the biggest impact by continuing to explore different fields in marine science as well writing and photography. She hopes to use what she learns to influence marine conservation practices, make the ocean more accessible to those who don’t have the opportunity to delve into it, and bridge the gap between the marine scientific community and the public.

Ana is thrilled to be representing Aqua Lung and OWUSS as the 2014 North American Scholar.
Follow Ana's travels and training at Our World–Underwater Scholarship Society  

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