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Apeks logoATX40

A fully balanced regulator, first and second stage, at an entry level price.

  • High performance regulator that boasts an over-balanced first stage with a pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Four medium pressure ports and one high pressure port
  • The first stage is dry sealed keeping all internal components protected from the environment
  • The 2nd stage uses a pneumatically balanced valve system for excellent breathing
  • Due to the ATX 40’s high efficiency heat exchanger system, it can cope with even the coldest conditions without freezing, making it the perfect all around regulator
  • The ATX40 has an ergonomically designed control for the venturi that enables you to control the airflow within the second stage at the turn of a lever
  • Comes standard with the Comfo-bite mouthpiece for increased comfort
  • Compatible to EAN 40, new, out of the box