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The Aqua Lung Military & Professional Family
Aqua Lung manufactures and markets a complete line of diving equipment ranging from some of the world's best performing regulators to a complete line of masks, fins, and snorkels. Aqua Lung also offers a full range of open and closed circuit equipment for Military and Professional diving operations and is the world's largest supplier of Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) used for helicopter underwater egress. This Aviation Life Support Equipment is available as part of a fully integrated ensemble, including life preserver and survival vest, manufactured by our Aerial subsidiary (see below).
Aqua Lung - First to Dive.
Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd started manufacturing over 35 years ago with one goal ( to make the best diving equipment in the world. Apeks is now a premier UK designer and manufacturer of breathing and diving life support equipment. Key products include diving and submarine breathing apparatus, diver masks, suit inflation systems, non-magnetic diving equipment and Emergency Breathing Systems for aviation. Apeks regulators have been tested by the world's leading authorities on regulator performance and were the first to pass the benchmark EN 250 standard for cold water diving and to be awarded the coveted CE mark. We are proud of the fact that Apeks diving regulators are the equipment of choice for the British, Canadian, US and other navies. An approved UK defence contractor for the supply of diving equipment to the UK armed forces, Apeks also manufactures equipment for the professional/commercial diving industry and for emergency services such as coast guards, police forces and fire services. We are located in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK.
Apeks - The Professional Choice
Aerial Machine and Tool Corporation (AERIAL) is a high quality contract manufacturer of mil-spec, build-to-print and custom made products. We manufacture products for military, aerospace, SAR, industrial safety, law enforcement and paramilitary applications. We specialize in three areas of manufacturing: light and heavy duty technical sewing, machining and finishing of metal parts, and assembly of diverse components. Our machine, sewing and assembly functions are housed under one roof, allowing full integration among departments. Many of our products are used for safety-to-life purposes so quality and reliability are critical. Flexibility is our hallmark and we are able to produce short run jobs on demanding timetables. Established in 1926, we have made our reputation by meeting and exceeding even the most demanding quality standards. Since 2005 we are proud to be part of the Aqua Lung family. We are located in Vesta, Virginia, USA, a few miles from the North Carolina border.
AERIAL - Quality You Can Bet Your Life On.
Gorski, the manufacturer of the G2000SS diving helmet, joined the Aqua Lung family in 2011. The Gorski Helmet is an innovative design and, when the current version was introduced to the commercial diving market in 2003, it was a game-changer in terms of materials, build quality, robustness and maintainability. The Gorski helmet is a strong and complementary fit with the Aqua Lung professional diving business. As a member of the Aqua Lung group, the product and brand benefits from additional resources and the combined expertise of world-class sales, engineering and design teams.