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What’s new in Suunto D-Series


Discovery never ends with the new Suunto D-Series

Whether you're an experienced technical diver, dedicated underwater enthusiast, or an adventurous spirit new to the diving world, the new Suunto D-Series dive computers offer top-of-the-line features in attractive wear-all-day instruments.

Your dive companion just got some new skills
Each Suunto D-Series device–Suunto D9, D6, and D4 – has been upgraded with a range of great new features.

The D9tx now boasts trimix compatibility and the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm, previously only found on Suunto HelO2, and a tilt-compensated 3D compass. The D6i packs the same 3D compass, as well as a new freedive mode and wireless air integration. The D4i is also now available with optional wireless air integration. All three are the same great-looking, function-rich, and reliable dive computers you know and love – just better.

Plan, discover, compare, share, and connect
But it's not just the dive computers that have been upgraded – Suunto Dive Manager software has also been improved. Now with a whole new easy-to-use look and feel, the software is compatible with Windows and – from fall 2011 – with Mac too.
Movescount logo With the new Suunto DM4 with Movescount software it's easy to plan, transfer, and track your dives with your wristop.
And when you join, Suunto's online sports community, you'll be able to share and compare your dives with other divers around the world too.

What's new in Suunto D-Series

Suunto strives to make dive computers that give you the information you need to make your dive experience as enjoyable as possible. We also want to ensure that as many people as possible have access to this enjoyment. We do that by making advanced features that are easy to use and available throughout our range.

A trimix-compatible dive computer opens up the increasingly popular world of technical diving – including deep and cave diving – by allowing you to explore the depths for longer.

  • Support for multiple gases (incl. helium and oxygen)
  • Three dive modes and gas-switching up to eight gases
  • Continuous decompression with the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm – previously only available in the awardwinning Suunto HelO2

Electronic 3D compass :
Suunto's innovative tilt-compensated electronic 3D compass redefines underwater navigation. Regardless of the angle of your wrist, you'll have full confidence in the accuracy of your bearings.

Wireless air integration:
With wireless air integration you can monitor your tank pressure and air consumption directly from your wristop.

Requires optional Suunto Wireless tank pressure transmitter