Diva XLT
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  Quickdraw Sports Bra
  Patented Quickdraw integrated weight release system Sports Bra Harness

OPTIONS:  SOS Surface Observation Signal, Air Source Inflator with integrated backup regulator
COLORS: Black/Aqua, Black/Silver

The latest model in the highly successful DIVA collection of Ladies BCs. The Diva XLT (eXtra Lift Technology), on the average, has more lift than its predecessor, the Diva QD.

New lower gusset coupled with modified internal ligaments provides additional lift

Patented Quickdraw™ integrated weight release system holds up to 20 lbs (9 kgs)

Non-releasable rear weight pockets at tank band holding a maximum combined total of 10 lbs/4.5 kg of non-releasable weight

Double Adjusting Shoulder Strap permits shoulder buckle to move up or down for
maximum comfort.

Right hand shoulder pull dump.

Contoured Backpack provides the needed stability even with the heaviest cylinders.

Knife attachment grommets allow for quick attachment of a Deep See knife directly
to the BC.