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Pro QD

Pro QD 
Pro QD
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Pro QD

SurelockII D-Ring and Swivel Buckle New Backpack Octo-Pocket Octo-Pocket
SureLock™II Weight System
6 stainless steel
D-rings and patented
swivel buckle system
New Backpack
Right side
Instrument retractor pocket

OPTIONS: Airsource Inflator with integrated backup regulator, Reflector Kit, Aqua Lung knife attachment,  Retractor
COULEURS: Black/Blue
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A new Pro QD for 2009 that provides a new backpack, additional features and an enhanced cosmetic

Air cell (bladder):

A new lower gusset along the bottom perimeter provides additional lift without adding bulk under the arms

The lobes have been angled for a sleeker, more modern look

There is no longer a cut-out to accommodate a backpack. This maximizes the lift without adding bulk. The new backpack fastens through the material

A series of internal ligaments gives shape to a fully inflated air cell thus preventing squeeze


SureLock™II Weight System

The best mechanical weight release system just got better!

You used to have to insert a tab into the slot to engage. Could be challenging while wearing a mask and gloves

Now the pocket aligns itself using a rail system. Just insert pocket until it clicks. You don’t even have to look!

The male portion of the mechanism auto-finds the female portion.

Simple, single pull release

The pull force required to release the pocket has been slightly increased for added security


In order to effectively demonstrate the SureLock™II, make sure that the tester is wearing a properly fitted BC.

The weight pocket should contain lead or similar items that give it shape.

NOTE - Demonstrating on a table top or while holding the BC doesn’t adequately demonstrate the ease of use.



Two large lobe pockets are secured with #10 zippers.

These are larger and stronger than previous #5 zippers.

Zipper pulls are easy to grasp with gloves

Features 6 stainless steel d-rings to attach accessories.

The two upper d-rings are angled making them easy to attach items to

Includes attachment grommets for knife

Has a pass-thru grommet for a retractor

Adjustable waistband – new!

Depth compensation on waistband - compresses at depth along with your wetsuit

Lobe retaining D-rings allow you to hold lobe stationary with opposite hand while weight pockets are inserted

Large pull bobs on dump valves

Octo-pocket (patent pending) inside the right lobe

Easy to stow

Just hold pocket open using red tab, put a loop in the hose and insert it

Easy to deploy

Just grab and pull

No more dangling octopuses

Traction Pad over-molded on to the pack cradle prevents tank slippage

Positioning strap allows you to set the Pro QD at the perfect height each time

Carrying handle is molded into the backpack


Outer bag is 500D Armor Cordura

Fade resistant

Abrasion resistant


Inner bag is 420D urethane coated nylon

Very durable material

Subject to fading from excessive chlorine and UV

Tough Tec on high wear areas

Assorted solution-dyed, fade-resistant polyesters



The Pro QD represents the best collection of features for the money


The patterns, padding and materials used create a BC that provides comfort, security and stability


Fade resistant, abrasion resistant outer materials will keep your BC functioning and looking good for many years

SureLock™ II

The most secure and easiest-to-use weight release system in the industry


Pro QD:


Pro QD Additional Featues: