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Defense XL

RRP £96

We made this bag big and rugged so you don’t have to worry if everything will fit. The dive checklist on the opening will help you remember your important gear. The gray color will keep the temperature of the bag about 130F cooler than a darker bag if left in the sun. The waterproof seams won’t leak in your car on the way home after your day of diving, and the two drain valves help you rinse your gear in the bag.

  • Dimensions: 33”x14”x14”
  • Volume: 105 litres
  • Heat welded waterproof seams
  • 500D Nylon Core 0.6mm double coated Tarpaulin material
  • The grey colour reduces internal and external temperature when left in the sun
  • Replaceable side drain valves for removing excess water and rinsing your gear
  • Two heavy duty haul handles
  • A splash shield covers the #10 YKK tooth zipper
  • Dive checklist is printed on the opening
Style Waterproof Duffle
Material 500D Nylon Core 0.6mm double coated Tarpaulin
Weight 3.25lbs.
Special Features Replaceable Drain Valve
Dive Check List
Heat resistant Grey Tarpaulin
Zippers #10 YKK Plastic Tooth and Slider Zippers
Capacity 33"x14" x14" (105 liters)
Warranty 2 Year Limited