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Instrumentation - Overview

Today’s technology is about making simple what is complex. We’ve engineered our new line of dive computers and analogue instruments with this mission at our core. Safely and confidently descend into your dive adventure with intuitive, easy-to-use designs, backed by advanced engineering.

Our instruments are designed with thoughtful features, such as the computers’ user-replaceable standard battery and transmitters that pair for life, so that you’ll always be ready to dive.

Complex Made Easy.

Aqua Lung i750TC Scuba Diving Computer


Powerful technology and engineering meets intuitive and compact
Engineered for the technology-savvy diver, the i750TC’s advanced performance features include an exceptionally crisp OLED colour screen, easy-to-use interface, 3-axis compass and a paired-for-life optional transmitter. Tracking and sharing your dive takes just seconds with its Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity to your mobile device.


Aqua Lung i450T Scuba Diving Computer


A features powerhouse that’s intuitive and sporty
Designed for the active diver and the travel diver, the i450T has flexibility and intuition packed into an eye-catching design. Even small but thoughtful details were considered- once you pair your transmitter, you’ll never need to pair it again. The optional hoseless gas integration de-clutters your dive for a more streamlined feel.


Aqua Lung i300 Scuba Diving Computer


Effortless approach with a rugged design
The i300 exceeds expectations with many features such as its easy-to-use interface, flexible operating modes, built-in backlight and a standard user-changeable battery with data retention. With effortless design, such as an automatic water-activation, it gets you right in the water and descending to your next adventure.


Aqua Lung i200 Scuba Diving Computer


The i200 is an intuitive, sporty computer with an easy versatility.
With its fresh design, you'll find yourself wearing the i200 as an everyday sports watch that is ready to dive when you are. And with 4 operating modes, a user-changeable standard battery, the ability to easily switch between 2 Nitrox mixes, as well as no restriction switching between Free & Dive, it adapts to you.


Aqua Lung Transmitter


The Aqua Lung Transmitter, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allows you to monitor current pressure and gas time remaining without a stiff high pressure hose, while providing a more streamlined profile. The transmitter pairs for life and up to 3 transmitters can be used with each Aqua Lung gas integrated wrist computer. Transmitter: Nitrox compatible to 40% O2.


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