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Airsource QD

Airsource - Complete US$235.00
Airsource - Installed US$160.00
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For you purists that want a QD coupler on your Airsource, we've heard your cry. In addition to the current Airsource with FCD (freeflow control device), we now offer an Airsource with a traditional QD coupler. This unit makes it possible to add an in-line sonic alert device.

The Airsource QD boasts all of the same great features as the current model such as:

Pneumatic balancing for great performance

Detachable "Trim Grip"™ in the middle of the corrugated hose

Corrugated hose with recess and clips to accommodate the mp hose

Soft-touch purge cover

How to detach Airsource 3: