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Eco Support

A Vessel for the Vanua-tai

The people of Vanuatu, the Vanua-tai, are in a race to protect their rich heritage from the rapidly intensifying effects of climate change, extractive industries such as logging, mining, and foreign fishing fleets, and population shifts.

A remarkable Indigenous group of 400 environmental stewards are crafting local solutions to global crises. Now, more than ever, there is urgent need for these volunteers to work with their village Chiefs, farmers, fishers, and families to build sustainable solutions. The Vanua-tai are eager to engage; they know what they need: but for many of them, especially those in remote locations, access to resources, training, and opportunities for exchange is insufficient to meet the sheer number of mounting challenges. As a result, many Vanua-tai are struggling with projects that are stalled or under-developed.

Aqua Lung is proud to be one of the organizations working with Island Reach to help the Vanua-tai procure a vessel to help fill the gaps in transportation, provide a mobile work platform, skilled and professional services and training, and offer greater opportunities for collaboration and exchange among the Vanua-tai.

Please take a moment to read their story and consider making a donation.


Environmental Responsibility

Aqua Lung firmly believes in and embraces environmental sustainability. We support various eco-conservation partners worldwide to help do our part to participate and encourage the protection and restoration of both our air and sea environments.

With our rooftop solar panel arrays, our eco-friendly headquarters facility is capable of producing, over 1800kWh per day of clean energy that provides 80% of the electricity needed in our daily operations. Since 2006, we've employed the use of Solatube technologies to provide amazing natural light to our warehouse in addition to following California's "Flex Your Power" program for energy efficiency through practices such as turning off non-necessary lighting, using motion-sensor activated lighting in low traffic areas, and powering down any equipment not actively being used.

But we don't stop there. Aqua Lung is always looking for ways to not only reduce our carbon footprint within our facility, but also in our industry leading innovative products that have a minumum impact on the environment including the materials we use in fabrication and, as much as possible, using recyclable product packaging that gracefully degrades relatively quickly.

Aqua Lung takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and we encourage you to join us in doing whatever you can.

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