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Leisure Pro is NOT an authorized Aqua Lung dealer

Aqua Lung does not sell or provide products to Leisure Pro. We do not plan to sell, nor have we authorized any of our global authorized distributors, dealers or other customers to sell Aqua Lung products to Leisure Pro. We consider any Aqua Lung or Apeks products sold through Leisure Pro to be “Gray Market” goods.

Gray Market goods are distributed in the United States without Aqua Lung's authorization, and may place the consumer at risk. We do not support or provide warranty services for products purchased through Leisure Pro since we cannot determine if the product is new, damaged or used. You should be warned that consumers who have bought Aqua Lung products from Leisure Pro in the past have found out after their purchase that certain rights to warranties and other value added support benefits could not be obtained.

Utilizing our global serial number tracking system, we have documented evidence of products being obtained by Leisure Pro through unauthorized gray market channels. In these cases we have taken severe actions to cut off the source of gray market products. We will continue to take aggressive measures to prevent our products from being sold through gray market channels.

We are committed to protecting our brand image. We take great pride in our products and in the enjoyment our customers receive using our products. To support these ideals we sell only through a network of authorized distributors, independent specialty stores and retail partners. These are the organizations that provide the infrastructure so you can enjoy diving - training, air fills, travel and equipment service. They employ professionals who receive up-to-date training on our products so they can instruct you in their safe and proper use as well as proper care and maintenance. Buying from an unauthorized source can put you and those who make the dive business possible, at risk.

Purchasing equipment from an Authorized Aqua Lung dealer assures you of receiving the highest quality equipment and customer service available in the industry today! The benefits to you are:

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Regulators and Buoyancy Compensators
  • “Free Parts for Life” on all Aqua Lung and Apeks regulators
  • Professional assistance in determining the right equipment for your needs
  • Professional setup and instruction in the use of your Aqua Lung purchases
  • Service and repair by Aqua Lung trained technicians