Impulse 3

The Impulse 3 is more streamlined and higher performing than its predecessors. Since its introduction in 1989, the Impulse Snorkels have been the best selling snorkels in the world. The Impulse snorkels feature a patented design, with a patented upper valve, a two drain system and Aqua Lung’s patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece. The Impulse comes in Flex and Non-Flex versions.

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  • The Impulse 3 uses a two-valve system. If a wave breaks over the snorkel, the patented, upper, annular valve directs most of the water out before it even reaches the mouthpiece. Any water that does get past the annular valve drains out the lower valve
  • The reservoir located below the mouthpiece keeps breathing path clear of excess water. In the rare event that you need to clear the Impulse 3 Snorkel, almost no breath is needed, all it takes is an easy puff
  • Patented Comfo-bite mouthpieces, which does not require the user to clench their teeth, eliminate jaw fatigue
  • An optional, smaller size Comfo-bite is available
  • Comfo-bite mouthpieces are replaceable
  • The flex model allows the lower unit to drop away for use with a regulator
  • Also available in a non-flex, standard version
  • Style: Semi-Dry
  • Tube Style: Flex and Non-Flex
  • Upper Feature: One Way Annular Valve
  • Lower Reservoir: Yes
  • Rotating Lower Section: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Comfo-Bite
  • Replaceable Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Small Mouthpiece Option: Yes
  • Colors: Black/Orange, Green, Blue, Silver, Black/Neon Yellow, Neon Yellow, Transparent Blue, Black/Pink, Black/Red, White Arctic
  • Warranty: Two Year Limited