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IMPORTANT: Recall Notice of the WTX Inflator (added 3/22/2010)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Apeks Freeflow Control Device (added 2/13/09)
{rokbox title=|IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Titan DIN Handwheel Retainers| size=|980 1000|}{/rokbox} (added 6/25/08)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) (added 10/24/07)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Apeks Yoke Screw (added 05/29/07)
IMPORTANT: Safety Notice on Suunto D6 and D9 (added 6/6/06)
IMPORTANT: Safety Bulletin on ABS Octopus (added 04/08/04)
IMPORTANT: Safety Bulletin on BC Inflators (added 03/16/04)

Regulators (Current Models)
Aqua Lung Regulator Owner's Manual (added 1/24/08)
Apeks Regulator Owner's Manual (updated 12/11/07)
Nitrox Compatibility (Word Document) (added 8/12/02)
FAQ's - Regulators (Word document) (added 01/26/00)

Regulators (Discontinued Models)
Aqua Lung Regulator Owner's Manual (added 10/27/09)
Sea Quest Regulator Owner's Manual (added 1/11/08)
Mistral Regulator Owner's Manual (added 3/20/09)

Alternate Air Sources
Airsource 3 with Cut-off Valve Owner's Manual (Updated 9/7/10)
Airsource Quick Disconnect Owner's Manual (added 9/7/10)
Airsource 2 Owner's Manual (added 11/14/07)

Buoyancy Compensators (Current Models)
{rokbox title=|GripLock™ Tankband Insert - English| size=|980 1000|}{/rokbox} (updated 4/17/12)
BC Owners Manual - English (added 12/6/11)
BC Owners Manual - Spanish (added 12/6/11)
WTX Deluxe Harness Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Black Diamond SL BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Balance/Libra SL BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)

Buoyancy Compensators (Discontinued Models)
Pearl i3 BC Owner's Manual (added 12/29/07)
Latitude XLT BC Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Passport BC Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Wave/Pacifica BC Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Diva XLT BC Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Pro QD/XLT BC Owner's Manual (added 02/16/07)
Pro QD with i3 Owner's Manual (added 1/08/07)
Aqua Lung Generic BC Owner's Manual (added 12/02/99)
Sea Quest Generic BC Owner's Manual (added 2/99)
Elan Women's Buoyancy Compensator Manual (added 12/02/99)
Fusion BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Latitude BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Raider BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Pro Unlimited BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Pro QD SL BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)
Diva LX BC Owner's Manual (added 11/03)

Air Systems
Micra Air System User's Manual (added 12/02/99)

Dive Computers (Current Models)
Cobra Manual (updated 12/29/07)
Vyper Manual (updated 12/29/07)
SK-7 Manual/Dive Compasses (added 12/29/07)
Features Comparison Chart (added 11/08/05)
Quick Release Installation Guide (updated 12/29/07)
Combos and Mechanical Instruments Instruction Manual (updated 12/29/07)
The Cure for Microbubbles: Why Trade Your Dive Computer (added 04/22/03)

Dive Computers (Discontinued Models)
D9 Manual (updated 12/29/07)
D6 Manual (added 12/29/07)
D4 Manual (added 12/29/07)
Cobra2 Manual (added 12/29/07)
Vyper2 Manual (added 12/29/07)
Vytec DS Manual (added 12/29/07)
Gekko Instruction Manual (updated 12/29/07)
D3 Owner's Manual (updated 12/29/07)
Vector/Xlander Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Scan 4 User Manual (added 03/22/05)
Scan 5 User Manual (added 03/22/05)
Mosquito Manual (updated 12/29/07)
Stinger Manual (updated 12/29/07)
Spyder Manual (added 9/13/01)
Favor/Fusion Manual (added 9/13/01)
SME-ML Manual (added 1/7/04)
EPG User's Manual - English (added 9/5/00)
Pivot DS3 Users Guide (added 12/01/99)
Monitor 1 & 2 User's Guide (added 12/01/99)
Monitor 2 Plus Users Manual (added 03/15/99)
Monitor 3 Air Hoseless Dive Computer (added 12/01/99)
Matrix Manual (added 12/01/99)
Matrix Master User's Manual (added 12/01/99)
Companion Owner's Manual (added 8/28/03)
Eon Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Favor Air Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Favor S Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Solution Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Solution X Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)
Vytec Instruction Manual (added 8/28/03)

Other Forms
Annual Service & Inspection Logsheet (added 3/27/08)