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1mm Jumpsuit US$125.00
2mm Shorty US$120.00
3mm Jumpsuit US$195.00

The HydroFlex wetsuit line comes in three thicknesses, with shorty and full suit options available. The suits are made with Super-stretch neoprene for ultra comfort and ease for donning and doffing and come in three options, a 3mm or 1mm jumpsuit, or a 2mm shorty.

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The fun, travel-friendly Zuma will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BC has everything you need, yet lacks weight and bulk. Once you lift it, you’ll feel for yourself that a size ML/LG weighs less than 4.75 lbs (2.2 kg), with the airway and weight pockets included!

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