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2.5 MM Undervest

The Aqua lung 2.5 MM Hooded Undervest designed with an ergonomic shape and integrated aluminum coating, the hooded undervest is the most advanced undersuit. The aluminum coating acts like a shield and reflects your own body heat back to you, keeping you warm during cold water dives. Enjoy a perfect collar seal, created when the glide skin seals with the internal skin of your wetsuit, keeping water exchange to a minimum.

  • 2.5mm superstretch 4-way neoprene with aluminum coating between the inside lining and the foam to increase heat retention
  • Collar in glide skin sticks to the internal skin neoprene of the wet suit and makes a perfect seal
  • Anatomic shape for a great fit
  • Environmental friendly features: neoprene free of P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), made from a non-petroleum based material
  • Attached hood offers a face seal to limit the water entries and G2 Vent Technology that allows trapped regulator exhaust bubbles to exit while keeping cold water out