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Patented Twin Layer System

The most innovative advance in drysuit technology in over 20 years.

No other drysuit in the world has the mobility, flexibility, or adaptability of the Fusion.

Our Patented Twin Layer System's ingenuity comes from the layers that work independently to provide the perfect comfort & fit. The internal, loose cut inner core is molded to the body by the independent elastic outer skin which provides unparalleled freedom of movement of the arms, legs and torso. The oversized inner core integrates the dry zipper, valves, and seals, and fits a broad range of body shapes and sizes.

5 Reasons to Make Fusion Your Drysuit

  1. Better-Than-Custom-Fit: Patented two layer design molds the Fusion to the diver’s individual body shape providing unrivalled mobility and superior comfort.
  2. Safer, Easier Diving: Air is evenly distributed inside the Fusion helping you maintain correct trim and buoyancy in all conditions.
  3. One Suit Any Environment: Modular System of Skins and Inner Cores can be custom tailored by you to fit your individual diving style and specific water conditions.
  4. Better Durability by Design: (a) The Fusion has 25 - 50% fewer seams where the majority of leaks occur. (b) Oversized cut reduces stress on seams and material. (c) The outer skin provides a protective layer that reduces cuts and tears.
  5. Less Down Time - More Diving: Fusion was designed for use by Special Forces Divers. Most repairs are easily performed in the field. Major repairs can be done at your local Aqua Lung Dealer.

Available in either the DryCore or new AirCore models