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Aqua Lung International is the parent company for all members of the Aqua Lung group. The International Military & Professional department, established in 2000, is a major business unit within Aqua Lung International and coordinates the activities of all Aqua Lung family member in this specialist market.

The Aqua Lung group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of equipment for the military and professional diving and aviation communities. The group is comprised of several companies around the world each with specialized knowledge in manufacturing and product applications. Our manufacturing companies, located in the USA, Canada and Europe, have world-class R&D and production facilities where we perform product research and development, test and evaluation, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, distribution and management for specialized military and professional products.

Overall group activities are divided into 2 geographical areas of responsibility, America Asia & Pacific (AAP) and Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA). These are headed respectively by Aqua Lung America and Aqua Lung France. Both of these companies have Military & Professional teams as do the various subsidiary companies (affiliates) which complete the Aqua Lung Family and provide a global market presence. In addition to the subsidiary companies noted below, Aqua Lung utilizes exclusive distributors in other countries to service the customers in the defense, public safety an special operations markets.

Aqua Lung Military & Professional is ISO 9001 certified, following system standards in quality management.

Aqua Lung MilPro is ISO 9001 Certified
America, Asia, Pacific (AAP)

The Military & Professional division is headquartered at Aqua Lung America in Vista, California, and is the leading provider of maritime solutions for life support products and services for the US Department of Defense, State and Municipal Governments, and many international military commands in South America, Asia and the Pacific region. Formerly known as U.S. Divers Co., we have earned a solid reputation as a well-established and trusted supplier in the logistical support of both Diving and Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE).

Our Vista facility is positioned in an ideal location to support the military community. The combination of our state-of-the art clean room,
non-magnetic testing equipment and computerized breathing simulator machine are unparalleled in the diving industry. Since 2006 we have
been complemented by our subsidiary company, Aerial, a US-based contract manufacturer of equipment for life support, military, SAR and
other applications.

Our North American subsidiary, Aqua Lung Canada, is responsible for the Canadian diving and aviation markets. Headquartered on Canada’s west coast, but with national coverage, Aqua Lung Canada has a small full time Military & Professional team focused on meeting the special requirements of military, government, police, fire and commercial divers and aviators in Canada. Aqua Lung Canada is also a full line distributor for many
non-Aqua Lung industry-standard dive equipment brands.

Also located on the Canadian west coast is White’s Manufacturing Ltd. Whites is specialized in the development and manufacturing of dry suits to fit military and professional operations teams around the world.

Aqua Lung Japan, located in Atsugi, south of Tokyo, manages sales of open and closed circuit diving equipment in the Japanese market. This facility employs a clean room with computerized breathing machine capabilities as well as high pressure cylinder maintenance and inspection.

In 2011 Aqua Lung America acquired G2000SS, Inc., the US manufacturer of the world-renowned Gorski diving helmet. For more details please see our Aqua Lung Family page.

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

The Military & Professional division is headquartered at Aqua Lung France in Carros, Nice, on the Mediterranean coast. Formerly known as La Spirotechnique, Aqua Lung France specializes in underwater breathing apparatus such as regulators, cylinder valves and oxygen/mixed gas
closed circuit rebreathers. Our Carros facility is positionned in an ideal location to support the military diving and aviation communities.
The Military & Professional division is also in charge of providing Aviation Life Support Equipment and Tactical Support Equipment
manufactured by Aqua Lung America and Aerial to our customers.

Apeks Marine, Ltd, based in Blackburn, UK, also specializes in underwater breathing apparatus, primarily open circuit, as well as high pressure cylinder valves and dry suit valve systems. Both facilities in France and the UK employ clean room facilities and computerized breathing simulator machines. In addition, Aqua Lung France has the capability for non-magnetic testing.

Supporting our European bases we have Aqua Lung subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and Italy with capability to service the customer base.

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