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Professional Grade Dive Equipment
Aqua Lung diving equipment has been used for many years by the commercial diving industry worldwide and has a reputation for reliability, performance and robustness. Core breathing system products such as Aqua Lung and Apeks regulators provide field-proven capability and performance for professional SCUBA and surface-supplied diving operations in the offshore and inland/onshore diving markets. Key dive accessories, including fins, diver knives, masks and snorkels, have become benchmark products for the professional/commercial diver and the Aqua Lung group continues to develop equipment designed to meet the needs of the commercial diving industry. Significant recent developments include strength-rated, regulatory-compliant, diver recovery and diver equipment harnesses.
Featured Products for Commercial Diving:
gorski_hat Aqua Lung G3000SS Diving Helmet
Aqua Lung, world leader in design and manufacture of diving life support equipment, introduces the latest version of the legendary “Gorski Hat”, the G3000SS. The G3000SS takes the durability and performance of the original Gorski helmet to a new level. Improvements include the latest Apeks high performance balanced regulator: Apeks diving regulators are the benchmark that other dive equipment manufacturers strive for in high performance and reliability. Visit the Gorski Hat website for more information:


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trio Apeks Regulators
The Apeks FSR, DS4 and DST 1st stage regulators are CE approved (to the benchmark EN250 standard) for cold water diving. In addition, Apeks regulators are certified to the Norwegian offshore standard (NORSOK U101) for Heliox diving to 200m (656ft). Available with Yoke (A Clamp) or DIN connectors, these Apeks 1st stages are reliable, robust and ideally suited for bailout cylinder use at all depths. The Apeks XTX200 and XTX50 2nd stage regulators are similarly certified. For further information visit the Apeks website: or use our contact page.
h3 Aqua Lung Diver Harnesses
Aqua Lung manufactures strength-rated professional diving harnesses. The H3 Diving Harness (H3) is a strength-rated equipment harness (bell jacket style). The Personal Diver Harness (PDH) is a strength-rated individual diver recovery harness. All Aqua Lung harnesses are rated to 2200 lb / 1000 kg breaking strength to meet ADCI, IMCA, CSA and other standards/codes. Further details are in the Commercial Diving Product Information section.
trio Dive Accessories
Commercial divers have relied on Aqua Lung dive accessories for years. Industry standard products include the Master Divers Knife, Rocket fins and Submersible Pressure Gauges. The latest Rocket II (“big foot”) fins are ideally suited for commercial diving. For self-contained (SCUBA) diving applications, the Apeks WTX Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD) provides an excellent and robust capability for the commercial diver. The fully modular WTX system can be customized to meet specific job requirements. When used with Apeks 1st and 2nd stage regulators and other Aqua Lung dive accessories, this equipment is ideally suited for all commercial dive applications.