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AirCore Technology

Fusion AirCore
The latest Innovation in Drysuit Technology

The AirCore's tri-laminate breathable material is diver-tested and provides superior comfort by significantly reducing pre/post dive surface overheating. The inner layer makes donning and doffing the Fusion a breeze. AirCore is specifically designed to outlast and outperform other breathable Drysuits. Upgrade your diving experience with the Fusion AirCore.

AirCore Technology is available on these drysuits:
Fusion Bullet with AirCore
Fusion Fit with AirCore
Fusion Tech with AirCore
Fusion Sport with AirCore

  • Proven 3-layer trilaminate breathable material for warm, dry, and comfortable dives.
  • Oversized cut pattern reduces seam and material friction for enhanced durability and mobility.
  • The majority of Drysuit leaks occur at seams and AirCore has 25-50% fewer seams than the competition for superior performance and reliability.
  • Patented Fusion Twin Layer System adds a protective outer layer to the AirCore for greatly reduced exposure to environmental wear and tear.
  • Rapid Zip System (RZ) for faster drying and rapid Skin exchanges for all diving conditions and user preferences.
  • User-repairable material makes repairs fast and easy, keeping you diving anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically adapts for varied thicknesses of thermal undergarments for all water temperatures.
  • Compatibility with multiple body shapes provides continuously better user fit and comfort.
  • Comes standard with Seal Lock Technology (SLT)