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The Aqua Lung Difference

Instrumentation - The Aqua Lung Difference

The Aqua Lung Difference

Aqua Lung controls all aspects of design, development and manufacturing of our dive instrumentation. We do this to ensure we have high quality products that our divers can rely on. Because of this commitment, you will find this Aqua Lung difference throughout our product line.

Examples of the Aqua Lung difference

  • Our technology ensures that once set, your transmitter is permanently paired to your computer and you will not experience the frustration of a lost pairing underwater

  • Our batteries are specifically designed to be user-replaceable for your convenience and confidence. The batteries are globally-available standard batteries that can be found at supermarkets and drugstores

  • We are the only manufacturer to produce our transducers (pressure sensors) in house. Transducers are critical in measuring gas pressure to ensure accuracy in our patented Gas Time Remaining feature, to provide you with safe diving profiles

  • To ensure accuracy and reliability in our analog collection, Aqua Lung goes well above the industry standard in utilizing the highest-quality Swiss-manufactured Bourdon tubes

  • We have a team dedicated to the development of our industry-leading DiverLog and DiverLog+ softwares. This allows a seamless user experience of the Aqua Lung computers with the available app and software