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Pelagic Pressure Systems is a designer and manufacturer of dive instrumentation for many of the leading brands in the dive industry today. Pelagic was founded in 1980 and is located near the Silicon Valley technology hub in the San Francisco Bay area. Pelagic Pressure Systems has a highly knowledgeable employee base with a state of the art technological capability and several innovative patents.

Mike Hollis, Pelagic Pressure Systems’ founder and President, has had a passion for diving since he first got hooked at the age of 7. He grew up working in his father’s dive shop in Hayward, California. Mike became a commercial diver in 1976 and spent 4 years as a saturation diver. He then returned to California to found Pelagic Pressure Systems.

Acquired by Aqua Lung in May 2015, Pelagic Pressure Systems has had a long history of innovating dive instrumentation. In the years since its founding, Pelagic Pressure Systems has produced over 300 unique products. The art and science of making dive computers has come a long way in that time. For example, one of the earliest electronic products launched in the mid 1980s had 7,300 lines of code while the products being developed today have more than 400,000 lines of code.

Dive computers are manufactured at the production facility located in San Leandro, California. But Pelagic Pressure Systems goes beyond what other manufacturers control. For example, high and low pressure transducers are produced right at the facility to ensure consistency in the quality of every single transducer that goes into each assembly. These transducers are critical, as they display depth and tank pressure reading and as such require complete accuracy.

Today, Pelagic Pressure Systems engineering, operations and quality teams are led by employees who count their years with the company in decades. It is this employee spirit and dedication that drives the commitment to making quality, innovative instrumentation products.

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Mike Hollis commercial diving

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Mike Hollis, President and Founder, Pelagic

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Dive computer circuit board

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Transducer assembly

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Electronics assembly

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Hyperbaric chamber testing