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We broke all the rules with this unconventional BCD. The Outlaw has been a garage project of sorts — one driven by our own CEO and Director of Engineering who are both expert divers. Their biggest motivator was achieving minimalistic buoyancy and appealing to the most experienced, badass divers. So we cut out all the nonsense and set off in search of something different. Something legendary. Don't believe us? See for yourself.




Pure Diving Freedom

Leave the knickknacks and frou frou for your grandma. We took this BCD back to the basics so you can focus on your dive and only your dive. With no pockets, no steel D-rings and just a simple backpack, the Outlaw ensures the most streamlined diving available.



Inspired by Simplicity

Our new, unique ModLock™ connectors will disconnect with almost any tool—a key or pen does the job—customizing the Outlaw's fit 100% for you.



Dive "Naked"

With the smallest dive bladder on the market, the Outlaw is the epitome of minimalistic diving. It pairs comfort with function that attracts divers looking for that "naked" feel.



Break Free Now
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